American man dating turkish woman

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In Istanbul I could definitely see how a young inexperienced naive girl could get into a lot of trouble. I am a huge fan of beautiful places and beautiful drives/trips. S the Computer/Laptop/Mobile would have said so,but it says your location is in the UK and your story about going to Turkey dosen't add up because people in turkey can be very racist towards black people including their religion. She thinks that because a Turkish man wants to hire her for a sex trick he must love her.

When I was alone in the touristy areas I ran into all sorts of charming, passionate, witty, Turkish seducers. They dont just come up to you and ask you for their number. Half of them swear they fell in love at first sight. I had people pay for my lunch, free dinners at restaurants, give me extra Turkish delights, buy me coffee, open my doors, hail me taxis, let me skip lines,give me their wifi codes!! I had one guy that I met on the ferry, basically carry all my luggage and help me find my friends house and it was 30 minutes out of his way Just really, really nice men. They may have approached me because of an initial attraction, but when we would speak, they realized that I was a lot deeper than my looks. I just love scenic valleys or rolling hills, old castles, nice lakes and ponds and of course a beautiful coast lines. Goes to show just how insane African women are in America. But I cannot marry any of these b-words under Islamic Law.

(happened to me last year in Venice, Italy) But, I also believe that at the core of men, they are all looking for the same thing, cross culturally..

Its their different approaches that makes travelling solo as a woman so fascinating and sometimes challenging. And if they get caught, they go top jail because "dating" is nothing but whoring and prostiotution No.

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