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We'll be using the first of Stephen's photos for our upcoming print publicity and want to both thank him, here, and provide credit and links to his work.

Eric came back from the rehab of heroin and alcohol addiction, with a new album '461 Ocean Boulevard' which including a single 'I Shot The Sheriff'. If i'm not back again this time tomorrow- carry on, carry on- as if nothing really matters"By "i'm", he may mean his old self- the one who she loved and the one who loved her.JULY 15 —OLD HOME DAY AND MOREThis is the date of New Salem's Old Home Day festivities.QVPM will have their traditional silent auction (including the auction of their beautiful quilt by Lynn Dudley), and The Meetinghouse will also have some of our own fundraising items too, and we'll have a concert that night titled ., and afterward, the couple went on their first date. "I'm like, I can't text her and be like, I'm having a stroke. WATCH: Brandi Glanville and Le Ann Rimes' Exes Recall the Moment They Knew Their Marriages Were Over Von opened up about one of their dates on Tuesday's podcast, discreetly giving Glanville the fake name "Shmandi Shanville from the Shmeal Shmousewives show." "I had to go on a date with Shmandi Shmanville. " he recalled, noting a workout earlier in the day left him with a weird feeling in his chest.

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