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I hear him curse My name he calls I press myself Against the wall.

I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's Bar.

You're a big believer in tough love and you apply it liberally.

There's many naruto quizes but this one has had alot of effort put into it, see your naruto guy soul mate and show your friends and be amazed or confused! probably but if your honest enough about how you think, act and such you could just come out with naruto as you boy friend!

Well, eventually that dispute got settled, and you went on your way. You had heard a scream, and rushed to where it was coming from. She's a half-breed." Rin looked at you oddly, somewhat disappointed. When the demon came, to your surprise, Rin ran towards him, with Jaken quickly tailing her. The demon acknowledged both of them, and it was now clear he would not harm them. Kanna: Her soul would be lost without Sesshōmaru and the others. Akago (baby incarnation of Naraku): Her heart is filled with distrust.

You saw a young girl and a small demon being chased by a larger demon, fear evident in their eyes. So it wasn't demons she didn't like, it was humans. The only one he didn't bother to look at was you. "Welcome back." She then spun around and looked at you. Mōryōmaru: She looked ready to jump in when I fought Sesshōmaru, but he told her to stay back. Jaken: Sesshōmaru-sama seems to think she is better suited to protect Rin.

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