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But the dating site, which charges users up to £32 a month, only confirmed what happened in April.

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- he later asks her: 'Have you ever heard of a man called Robert Louis Stevenson? The Soulmates say they want love, but they lack the charm to secure it. Saucy-Pedant meets someone who has 'lots of interesting anecdotes about travelling in Asia', but, she later discovers to her horror, 'the table [in his kitchen] was Formica' - as if that's only a notch above Fred West's basement.

That's when they have more time on their hands to address being single.'She's right.

If you want to meet someone genuine - and genuinely compatible - you need to learn to decode the clues on dating profiles, which can tell you an awful lot about lifestyle, dependants, work, sex, love. Once I had a date with a 'classical musician' who turned out to be a busker.

I having nothing but praise for the facility to meet people, something which some of us don't have time for in real life.

The saddest thing about election mania being over is that I will miss seeing Msholozi sinuously gyrate to the ANC's catchy election tune, "ndizokuhlala ndi nje".

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    En niet onbelangrijk: zij passen het product zelf aan om dit tewerkstellingen.

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