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“Toothbrush, toothpaste, a water bottle, gum, makeup remover, sunglasses and deodorant.” Or perhaps, workout clothes, she suggest.

“It’s better to come home looking like you hit the gym early than in your little black dress and stilettos.”U. Census data analyzed by the Pew Research Center, 36.4 percent of women between 18 and 34 were living with parents or relatives in 2014— topping a record high of 36.2 percent in 1940!

Millennial Miss blogger— who is now 26 and has her own place in Santa Monica— was returning to her folks’ home one morning, hungover, after a hookup the night before." data-reactid="20"Chelsea Briche had never been more mortified.

Two years ago, after moving back in with her parents in Ft.

The video was the first time that the couple, who met on a dating app, went public with their relationship. “I guess, with this video, I’m coming out to the military,” he said, before kissing Emerson in the footage, which received more than 371 views on You Tube. ”" data-reactid="32"Camilo isn’t the first soldier to come out on social media. A photo of a popular You Tube star and his boyfriend posing for an Army prom is being called “gorgeous” and “beautiful.”Max Emerson, a writer, underwear model, and vlogger, posted the photo on Instagram on Sunday and tagged it to West Point, the U. ” back in June, where he introduced fans to Camilo, a New York City-based consultant and soldier in the National Guard. In the image, Emerson and boyfriend Andres Camilo reenact the classic “prom pose,” with Camilo standing behind Emerson, wrapping his arms around his waist." data-reactid="23"Max Emerson, a writer, underwear model, and vlogger, posted the photo on Instagram on Sunday and tagged it to West Point, the U. The photo — captioned “Hello from #gay #army #prom” — received more than 33K likes and hundreds of comments, such as “You two are so gorgeous together,” “Any kind of love is beautiful,” and “Keep that love going.”Meet My Boyfriend!She learned a valuable lesson for twentysomethings still living with mom and/or dad.“Always have a little morning-after kit in your car,” she says.

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